"I grew immensely in terms of my skill and bravery as an actor. As a person I gained invaluable experience learning about relationships. My work on stage taught me about people and informed my off-stage thinking about the way people are and my relationships with them. The program rewards you with skills and opportunities you didn’t know you needed."




Applications are currently open for

2019 Midsummer in Oxford (MIO)

2019 Midsummer Conservatory Program (MCP)

Fall 2019 and Year Long 2019 – 2020 London Theatre Program (LTP)

  • Auditions for BADA’s 2019 Midsummer in Oxford (MIO) and Midsummer Conservatory Program (MCP) and for the Fall 2019 and Year Long 2019 – 2020 London Theatre Program (LTP) will be held:

    Sunday, March 3
    UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

    Monday, March 4
    USC, Los Angeles, CA

    Thursday, March 7
    Yale University, New Haven, CT

    Friday, March 8
    Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY

    Saturday, March 9
    Ripley-Grier Studios @ 520 8th Ave,
    New York, NY

    Sunday, March 10
    Ripley-Grier Studios @ 520 8th Ave,
    New York, NY

    Wednesday, March 13
    Tufts University, Boston, MA

    Saturday, March 16
    Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

    Tuesday, March 19
    Howard University, Washington, DC

    There are two application periods for BADA’s programmes:

    January – March for London Theatre Program (Fall and Year Long), Midsummer in Oxford, and Midsummer Conservatory Program
    August – October for London Theatre Program (Spring)


    Auditions take place throughout the month of March.  We guarantee an admissions decision by March 31st.

    All applicants will receive a status update within a week of their audition, in some cases indicating an early decision.

    Note: Applicants seeking an award from the BADA Scholarship Fund who receive an early decision will not receive a scholarship offer until regular admissions decision are announced.