Study acting abroad in Oxford on an intensive, month-long programme. In association with the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale.

This programme, based in Magdalen College  at the University of Oxford, is designed for serious actors over the age of eighteen and focuses on British acting techniques with an emphasis on Shakespeare.  Participants work and live alongside the faculty in Oxford. The faculty consists of leading British theatre practitioners and faculty from top American graduate programmes, and is run in association with the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale. BADA does not provide college credit for this programme, nor are transcripts available.

We welcome applicants at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as working actors who are not enrolled in educational programmes. Actors aged 18 must have completed one year of college or have graduated high school a year prior to the start of the programme to be eligible to apply for this coming summer. Actors aged 18 who are currently in high school are encouraged to apply for our Midsummer Conservatory Program.

Magdalen College is situated amid 100 acres of woodlands and boasts riverside walks, gardens and the tranquil Deer Park.

The 2024 Midsummer in Oxford Program will run 6 July – 4 August.

  • Applications for the 2023 Midsummer in Oxford Program are closed. Applications for the Summer 2024 Program will open in January 2024.

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  • About the Audition

    Auditions for the 2024 Program will be held live via Zoom and will take place in March 2024.

    Please prepare the following for your audition:

    • Some words about yourself: your name, age, when you began studying acting and why, what you know about the Midsummer in Oxford Program, why you are applying to the programme, and how you heard about the programme.
    • A memorized speech by Shakespeare or one of his contemporaries, in verse, no longer than 2 minutes.
    • A memorized speech from a modern or contemporary text, no longer than 2 minutes.

    One speech should be delivered in close-up, the other in a mid-shot (waist up); it can be either way round. Each individual meeting will last no more than 15 minutes and will include a chat with a member of the Midsummer in Oxford Faculty.

  • You will receive an admissions decision by early April.  Please be patient; you will absolutely hear from us one way or another.  Admissions decisions are distributed via the Get Acceptd messaging system.




About the Midsummer in Oxford Program

  • Classes

    Classes are held every weekday from 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM.

    Each week, participants study Shakespeare and Modern text along with tutorials with the Dean and Faculty. Additional classes are given in Voice, Physicality in Performance, and Audition Technique.

    Shakespeare: You will work on scenes from specific plays with particular emphasis on language, punctuation, metre, the caesura, antithesis, alliteration and onomatopoeia

    Modern: You will examine the challenges of acting in 20th century British and European classics and will learn to recognize the appropriate acting techniques for individual plays

    Physicality in Performance: Beginning by stressing the importance of ensemble work and developing openness, the aim of this class is making your body sensitive so that it can reflect your thoughts, emotions and imagination and those of the playwright

    Voice: You will concentrate on developing the areas of creative and professional voice work – relaxation, posture, breathing, resonance and articulation, so that the voice can be used freely, fully and reflectively

    Audition Technique: You will work on pieces with members of the BADA faculty who will advise you on your selection of scenes and monologues

    Tutorials: Wednesdays are reserved for tutorials where you will work individually with your faculty members.

    There are 90 participants on the course made up of a mix of graduate students, college students, and working professionals. Program participants have varying levels of experience with Shakespeare but share a seriousness of purpose about their actor training. No class has more than sixteen students.

    It is expected that participants work outside of class preparing and learning lines ready for class; memorization is expected.


    Masterclasses with leading actors and directors of the British and American stage are held twice per week.

    Recent Masterclass instructors include: Sir Patrick Stewart, Fiona Shaw, Miriam Margolyes, Lucian Msamati, Deborah Warner, Simon Callow, Brian Cox, Henry Goodman, Julian Glover, Pippa Nixon, John Heffernan, David Suchet.

    For information about applying or any questions regarding the Midsummer in Oxford Program, please contact:

    Jennifer Rockwood
    T: 212 203 6956

  • Weekends
    On Saturdays, one week will have a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon and the Royal Shakespeare Company.  The final Saturday of the Program is Open Day.

    The other two Saturdays during the course are yours to enjoy and participants may use this time to explore historic Oxford or take a short trip into London for the day and see a show in the West End. Participants are also encouraged to use this free time to learn lines, rehearse together and prepare for the week ahead.

    The exclusive masterclasses with leading theatre practitioners will be held on Sunday afternoons at Magdalen College and participants must be back at Magdalen by 3:00 PM and ready to work. Full details will be provided on your arrival.

    No meals are provided over the weekend giving participants the opportunity to explore the variety of restaurants and cafes Oxford has to offer.

    Events & Excursions

    BADA organises events and excursions for students throughout the programme. The cost of all events and excursions are included in the programme fees.

    Trip to Stratford
    An all-day excursion to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare to see a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Where possible, leading members of the cast will visit Magdalen shortly thereafter to hold a masterclass exclusively for participants on the Midsummer in Oxford Program.

    Open Day
    On the final Saturday there is an Open Day during which participants will be able to share the work which they have developed throughout the course. Families and other guests are welcome to attend Open Day.

    Following Open Day, there is a Farewell Party for participants and Faculty.

    Grad School Forum
    This student-led initiative presents an opportunity for participants on the programme to ask questions of a volunteer panel of fellow Midsummer in Oxford participants who are currently attending graduate theatre MFA programmes across the US.

    Summer Party
    Enjoy a midsummer’s evening on the lawns of Magdalen College accompanied by a very English game of Croquet.

  • Accommodation

    Participants on the Midsummer in Oxford Program will be accommodated in Magdalen College’s housing facilities which are located both inside and outside of the original college walls. Each participant will be allocated their own private dormitory style room with shared bathroom and shower facilities. Rooms are located in buildings from the 15th – 18th centuries and are rustic compared to modern American college dorms. Due to the historic nature of the buildings in Oxford the rooms will vary in size and style. All rooms are allocated at random by the venue team at Magdalen College. Please note: due to the relatively cool nature of English summers and the age of the buildings, rooms are not climate-controlled.

    Midsummer in Oxford Program is based at University of Oxford’s beautiful Magdalen College which was founded in 1458 and is situated in the heart of the city. Ideally located about an hour from London and forty miles from Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford is one of Europe’s great university cities and contains many of England’s most sublime and beautiful buildings and hosts some of its finest and most historic museums as well as beautiful parks and meadows for our summer programme participants to explore.

    The BADA Office is located in the heart of Magdalen College. This is where you will find the BADA staff and faculty throughout the day along with the BADA library. Next to the office there is the computer room which has a student computer, LAN internet connection and printing and photocopying facilities.

    Midsummer in Oxford participants will take classes in several of the historic rooms of Magdalen College, as well as other stunning locations around Oxford including the Sheldonian Theatre, The Oxford Playhouse, St. Columba’s URC, and the Examination Rooms, amongst others.

    BADA’s formal welcome dinner and all weekday meals are served in Magdalen College’s Dining Hall.

    Magdalen College also has a private deer park and meadow walk known as Addison’s walk, a favorite of Magdalen Fellow CS Lewis, which is perfect for a morning run or evening stroll.

    Please note that BADA is an organisation which contracts with Magdalen College for the use of its facilities for the duration of the Midsummer in Oxford Program, but which has no formal connection with The University of Oxford.

  • The Midsummer in Oxford faculty is comprised of distinguished actors and directors as well as leading teachers from Britain’s foremost drama schools. To learn more about our Faculty, please visit our Faculty page.

  • We welcome applicants 18+ at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as actors who are not enrolled in educational programmes.

    Actors aged 18 must have completed one year of college or have graduated high school a year prior to the start of the programme to be eligible to apply for this coming summer.

    Actors aged 18 who are currently in high school are encouraged to apply for our Midsummer Conservatory Program.

    Due to the rigorous nature of the course and the high bar set each year by participants, the Midsummer in Oxford Program is not suitable for new actors or those just beginning to focus on their craft. We encourage new practitioners to seek formal theatrical training before applying to the programme.

  • The Midsummer in Oxford Program is open to applicants at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as working actors who are not enrolled in educational programmes.

    We consistently have participants enrolled in the following undergraduate and graduate programmes as well as other institutions:

    David Geffen School of Drama at Yale & Yale University
    Barnard College & Columbia University
    Boston University
    DePaul University
    Howard University
    The Juilliard School
    Marymount Manhattan College
    Middlebury College
    Morehouse College
    New World School of the Arts
    Northwestern University
    The New School
    NYU Tisch School of the Arts & New York University
    Pomona College
    Spelman College
    SUNY Purchase
    UMass Amherst
    University of California, Berkeley
    University of Pennsylvania

  • The 2023 Midsummer in Oxford Program fees are:

     Application Fee
    (non refundable)
    Tuition $4,300
    (including a single private room in Magdalen College campus and
    breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday, in Magdalen College Dining Hall)


    On acceptance, in order to hold their place, applicants will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of US$500. The balance of the fees will be due in two installments with final payment due by the end of May.

    All fees are payable in US dollars. Please note, in addition to the fees payable to BADA, participants are responsible for their own airfare, ground transportation to and from the airports and spending money while on the programme (including the purchase of meals at weekends).

    Midsummer in Oxford Refund Policy
    A deposit of $500 is required on acceptance, which is non-refundable. Fees paid in excess of the $500 deposit are refundable if BADA is notified prior to the final payment deadline. No fees are refundable after this date.

    If the programme is canceled by BADA due to circumstances beyond our control, all fees, with the exception of the application fee, will be refunded. BADA accepts no responsibility for personally incurred expenses such as flights or pre-booked ground transportation.

    Financial Assistance 

    In a typical year, awards from the BADA scholarship fund are available to assist accepted applicants in defraying the costs of attending BADA’s summer programmes.  These awards are based on need and merit. Unfortunately, due to the continued ramifications of COVID-19, awards for those applying in 2023 will be extremely limited.

    Although BADA by no means wants to discourage applicants from applying for the summer of 2023, we do feel it is important that applicants understand the realities of the current situation. Before applying to the programme, please note the fees and consider how you will fund the experience should you be accepted.  Only a very small number of applicants accepted to the summer 2023 programmes will be chosen to receive scholarship funding from BADA. Awards could be a small as a few hundred dollars. Most accepted applicants will need to provide their own funding.

    If you would like to discuss the possibilities of receiving scholarship funding prior to submitting an application, please feel free to contact our Summer Programs Admissions Coordinator, Jennifer Rockwood: jrockwood@bada.org.uk.

    Note: Fees for BADA’s summer programmes are not eligible for payment under the federal loan system nor do they qualify as higher education expenses under the 529 plan as they are not credit bearing. Unfortunately, BADA is not in a position to assist in the retention of any additional outside grant or loan assistance.