• BADA’s primary premises, and home to the London Theatre Program, is a historic Crown Estate building in Gloucester Gate, part of Camden, one of London’s most prestigious residential areas which is home to a number of national embassies and ambassadorial residences.

    Inside BADA you will find a full range of facilities including 6 teaching spaces — each named after a different playwright, a Library, a collection of recorded performances, and a private Green Room for students to relax or study in-between classes..

  • Ideally located about an hour from London and forty miles from Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford is one of Europe’s great university cities. Oxford contains many of England’s most sublime and beautiful buildings and hosts some of its finest and most historic museums as well as beautiful parks and meadows for our summer program participants to explore.

    Our Midsummer in Oxford Program is based at Oxford University’s beautiful Magdalen College which was founded in 1458 and is situated in the heart of the city. The College is situated amid 100 acres of woodlands and boasts riverside walks, gardens and the tranquil Deer Park.

    Magdalen College also has a meadow walk known as Addison’s Walk, a favorite of Magdalen Fellow C. S. Lewis, which is perfect for a morning run or evening stroll.

    Please note that BADA is an organisation which contracts with Magdalen College for the use of facilities,
    but which has no formal connection with The University of Oxford.