Jack Steiner and Katherine Means first came to BADA on the MCP Program in 2015. We were delighted to see them again this year as part of our older program on the MIO. Admin assistant Maya chatted to them about their experiences in the  two programs.

MC: What have you been up to since being on the MCP and starting the MIO? Studying?

JS: Yes, I didn’t wait very long, I did the MCP when I was 17 and I’m 19 now.

MC: So carrying straight through?

JS: I thought the momentum was nice. I don’t think it would have been as good if I’d have done it last year, I think I needed the year in between to have a break.

KM: I was in the MCP going into my senior year of high school, so I graduated high school, I started going to school at California Institute of the Arts for a BFA in acting, and I just finished my first year there, so I’m here now. And my second year there is going to be all Shakespeare so it’s a nice prep.

MC: What are the main differences you’ve found between the MCP and MIO program?

KM: The MIO is definitely a little more intense, you’re working in a more structured manner every day. You have more classes and more individual time with your teachers. You’re going more in depth into the text versus in the MCP program, we were looking more into the story of the piece.

JS: The main differences I’d say are the amount of people that attend, from 30 at the most [in the MCP] to 90 students [in the MIO] is a big difference.

Another thing which is very different is the freedom that goes along with it being for adults. It’s more independent in general, in terms of what they expect you to do and get done, and expect you to know what you’re doing, instead of walking you through everything, so that’s a learning experience.

MC: So it’s definitely been a step up from the MIO?

JS: Yes you have to more of an artist in a professional setting, it’s still a fun family and friends and things like that, but it’s definitely more of a realistic environment in terms of working with artists you don’t really know, getting to know people, people of different ages, with different backgrounds.

MC: Do you have any advice you’d give to MCP students thinking of coming on the MIO?

JS: I’d say to come as you are, just as a blank, who you are, with no preconceptions of what you think they want from or what other students will want from you. Just to go in and be yourself and know that you’ll find people who you like and people who you find interesting.

KM: My biggest piece of advice would be know what you’re getting yourself into, its

bada2017 (96)going to be a lot of work but its definitely worth it. Come prepared to work but also have a lot of fun and explore. And since you’ve already been to Oxford once you know where the best places to go are.

MC: Any of your favourite moments from the MCP and MIO?

JS: My favourite moment from MCP was getting to do the open day working with people

you’ve been working with the whole time. Favourite moments of the MIO were getting to know people not just socially but in the work.

MC: So would you recommend MCP student coming on the MIO?

JS: Yes I would! I think it takes everything that you would want from the first one and just amplifies it here.

KM: I would definitely recommend coming, it’s great to keep going more and more in depth with Shakespeare, you can never stop learning.

MC: Thank-you for talking with me!