Some of our MIO students recount some of their highlights from the Midsummer in Oxford Program. 


“My favourite was when my group got together randomly one day and we were just really hype and we just started singing. And we were weaving in and out of harmonies, there was descant there was a bass, it was just crazy to feel that family with my group.”- Emmanuel


“One of my favourite moment was during a tutorial with Jackie Snow the movement teacher… and Miriam Margolyes shows up and sits down. I did a monologue and I finished it. I was really nervous but I did it anyway, I felt kind of bad and a little embarrassed because I didn’t’ do so well, and Miriam told me she thought it was amazing, and that I was talented!”- Joshua


“Our Q&A with Sir Patrick Stewart was pretty amazing… he was just so free with his answers. It was great to feel like a huge star like that can be honest about their process.We had an amazing opening meal, a fancy meal with multiple forks which I loved.I’ve been able to get into London at the weekends and see some awesome theatre there. I saw Machinal at the Almeida theatre which I thought was a really really great play and felt very lucky to have had the freedom to do that”- Miles


“The excursion into Stratford-upon-Avon. It was great  to see Shakespeare’s grave and some good theatre at the RSC and meeting one of the actors who was in the show the next day was a really nice highlight- to see to the work and then connect the dots.’ – Moses


‘I’ve seen about three plays: I saw the Tempest in London, Romeo and Juliet with BADA at RSC and Twelfth Night with the Globe on tour in Oxford down the Street…Each play I see I’m understanding the Shakepearean text more and more each time and its so exciting to hear Shakespeare and understand it a way you haven’t understood it before. All of it is some of the best Shakespeare in the World that I’ve never had a chance to see before! ” – Rosie


‘There have been certain classes that have really illuminated things for me, in small and subtle nuanced ways which I find really huge, like working with my voice teacher Robert and things that really ground you and different ways of approaching the readiness that it takes to do the work.There are so many moments I can’t even pinpoint.. just watching my colleagues do the work is amazing every day’- Katherine


‘The people! The professors, the faculty the staff, that come and work with us and inspire us. We are literally working with the top of the top. It’s been outstanding to work with all these guest artists and the faculty’.