Our MCP students spent one of their weekend days exploring some of the wonderful museums that Oxford is home to. The students visited the Natural History Museum and the Ashmolean Museum, which is the world’s oldest University Museum.  MCP Student Jeronimo Guzman write about their day. 

However it may sound, going to a museum is a fantastic activity; either going alone, with your family, or even going with a friend or two. It’s a very pleasant experience. Visiting two museums in one day could be the very definition of a great day if you like that sort of thing. All things reconsidered, this experience couldn’t get any better, but if you add actors and a place to sit down and draw… well, perhaps it could.

The first museum was related to biology and anthropology. It was very interesting to see all the dissected animals and the different tools from people of different countries. That in itself was impressive. It was truly astonishing when we split into our groups to search for answers to our little quiz. Being with other people, exploring the past and the relationships between every culture or animal that was exhibited there was truly fascinating. After almost an hour, we re-grouped and started to discuss about what everyone saw and how many answers they had uncovered. We finished the quiz and went to our next adventure.

The other museum we went to was more focused on Greece and ancient societies. Pretty much everything was a remembrance to mighty gods and philosophers. We tried to do the same by splitting and answering the quiz by ourselves but however hard we tried, the power of curiosity always drew us together again. After walking and answering we came to the conclusion that we needed to sit down for a while. We found a place, in the very last corner of the museum in which we could sit and draw. It was a lot later on that we found out that particular part of the museum was for little kids to entertain themselves after a long trip to the museum. For us, the crayons and the white sheets of paper just served as an inspiration to stay on those tiny seats and continue with our drawings.

After everyone in the group finished drawing, laughing and chatting. We decided to go for a couple of milkshakes which, turned out to be the best choice we could have ever made.

by Jeronimo Guzman