The British American Drama Academy is pleased to announce the new course: Greek Theatre – From the Ancient World to the Modern, Through Theory and Performance.

The course, a four week summer intensive, explores the performance and the reception of ancient drama, taking participants from BADA’s classrooms and the theatres of London, to ancient sites in and around Athens, to Oxford University, immersing them in the scholarship of Greek Theatre in performance from the ancient world to the present day.

Participants will explore the interaction between text, performance and context, paying close attention to the cultural, social and political developments in Athens in the 5th Century BCE, combining theory and practice throughout.

Course highlights include:

  • Retracing the route of the Panathenaic Festival in Athens
  • Visiting the ancient sites of Delphi, Mycenae and Epidaurus
  • Training with a leading actor from the National Theatre of Greece and a choreographer from Greece’s National Opera company
  • Performing in Greece and among the statues of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
  • Researching in the Archive of Performances of Greek & Roman Drama (APGRD) in Oxford, the pioneering international centre for research into performances of Greek and Roman drama worldwide, from antiquity to the present

Course Director Paul O’Mahony says “The course represents the perfect alignment of BADA’s rich tradition of training in London and Oxford, with the huge benefit of exposure to the sites of Ancient Greece. We have assembled an incredible itinerary, with access to academics and practitioners with compelling expertise in research, archiving and performance.”

BADA’s Dean, Eunice Roberts, adds “Participants will come away with a deep understanding of the culture and context in which Greek theatre developed and be able to draw connections from the ancient theatre, through Shakespeare and the Elizabethan theatre, to theatre and performance today.”

The course is open applicants at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as those who are not currently enrolled in educational programmes. Applicants aged 18 must have at least one year’s experience away from home to be considered for this course.

For full course details, 2021 dates, and deadlines, or to submit an application, visit our Greek Theatre page.