TIM DENHAM (1946 – 2021)

It is with incredible sadness that we announce the recent passing of Tim Denham, former Managing Director and a long-time member of the BADA family.

Tim first came to BADA in 1990 as its Financial Director, a position he held until 1996 when he left BADA for a job in the commercial sector. Tim returned to BADA a decade later as a Governor and eventually stepped back into the role of Financial Director. From 2016 until his retirement in early 2020, he served as BADA’s Managing Director, overseeing the Academy’s administrative operations and long-term strategic planning. During his tenure, he led efforts to modernize BADA’s administration and governance while preserving the character and ethos at its core, working to create a solid foundation so that the organization will continue to serve and train actors for decades to come. As a part of those efforts, he led the update of BADA’s recruitment, outreach, marketing, and development among other initiatives.

From his earliest days at BADA, Tim was a passionate believer in BADA’s mission and goal of expanding access and opportunity. He worked continuously to bolster the Scholarship Fund and to offer support to students on all of BADA’s courses.

Born into a theatrical family – his father was character actor Maurice Denham OBE – Tim chose to pursue accounting instead of a career in the theatre. Despite not becoming a performer himself, he always maintained close ties to the theatre and was actively involved in a number of charitable organizations that support actors and members of the theatre community, including the Actors’ Charitable Trust and Denville Hall, where he was a Trustee for many years.

Tim had a quick wit, a dry sense of humour, and delighted in keeping his colleagues and friends on their toes with clever wordplay and banter.

He is deeply missed.

To learn more about Tim and his time at BADA, read  Tim Denham: “An Accountant’s Life for Me” from the August 2017 BADA Newsletter.