Alum Paul Rudd (MIO ’93) was interviewed by Ralph Jones for ShortList in the run up to the release of Ant-Man & The Wasp. As part of their conversation, Paul discussed his career, celebrity, and how much he enjoyed his time on the Midsummer in Oxford Program:

After Clueless, he moved to New York to act in a play, and after his first job on a TV show, he went to study Jacobean drama at Oxford’s British American Drama Academy. Listening to him describe this period, I wonder if being 22 in Oxford might have been the happiest time in his life.

“I loved it. I loved working on Shakespeare. I loved living in the dorms at Oxford. I loved walking the campus. I loved getting tea. I loved memorising the lines. I loved working on the plays. My hair was down to the middle of my back. I was enthusiastic and optimistic and taking everything in. It was joyous.”

It was also grounding, he says: “It made me feel as though my place in all of it was the right place, which was infinitesimal. I was a small cog in a wheel that’s been spinning for a long time.”

Header photo:  “I don’t wanna be a dickhead”: Paul Rudd on what it’s really like to be Hollywood royalty ©  Matt Holyoak for ShortList.