MIO Participant, Tamieka Chavis, shares her experience from the first weekend of the program, fitting in a trip to London with some of her classmates. While in London, Tamieka visited Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, to watch Henry V, directed by Sarah Bedi. The production stars Sarah Amankwah in the titular role of Henry V.

“We are the makers of manners…”
Henry V, act 5 sc 2
I am still utterly and completely inspired by performance of the cast of Henry V at The Globe yesterday, especially Sarah Amankwah  as King Henry V. Phenomenal!
The strength in her vulnerabilities, the multi-layeredness of her nuances, the power and fragility of her choices… as an actress, a creative, a woman, a person of color, she ignited a fire within me that I just can’t explain. Sarah, thank you. It is such a blessing to have had the opportunity to see your work, and I am so grateful to have met you. I am full.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a standing ovation shout out to Colin Hurley as well, who was absolutely amazing as Katherine and Pistol!

-Tamieka Chavis, MIO’19